Citizens of Hansen, last night we lost power to our generator which resulted in a drop in water pressure.  Jack @ OMI contacted me and said that a Boil Advisory (not a Boil Order) should be implemented ASAP.  He has also sent out an engineer to make sure everything is restored back to normal.  Following Jack’s recommendation, a Boil Advisory is now in affect for the next 48 hours: Citizens are encouraged to boil their water before consuming it.  Please email me with any questions or post here.

– Mayor Israel Boekweg

4 comments on “Boil Advisory in affect for 48 hours!”

  1. Janice

    This is all fine and good, I found out from my daughter mid-day on Sunday I live next door to an elderly woman who probably does not have internet. Why were we not informed through other means?

  2. Mychel Matthews

    Times-News here…
    How will residents know whether the advisory has been lifted after the 48 hours? Will you post it on the website?

  3. Rachael Huseby

    What is recommended for washing dishes and laundry. ?

  4. cityofhansen

    @Janice, the fastest way to get info is to check the website and also our Facebook Hansen News group (yes, I know those are through the internet; I’m just letting you know personally). As for the Boil Advisory, it was also posted to the Times-News and I believe KMVT by CH2M. However, what I think the real problem is is that Hansen does not have a telephony tree to make proper phone calls. A telephony tree would solve a lot of our City’s problems. It would allow us to make announcements by phone calls to the citizens, but when spending money is brought up in Town Hall, the usual residents that show up start to mumble under their breath and say they don’t want to spend money on a telephony tree and other equipment. I’m not being sarcastic or rude so I hope to death that I am not coming off that way; this is literally what happens. I would love for you and any other people to come out to Town Hall (second Monday @ 7pm) and voice your opinion and let your City Council know that we NEED certain things for our little city to thrive, not just survive. I’ll make sure to pass on what you said to City Council at the next Town Hall, but it’s more powerful coming from citizens like you. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    @Mychel, yes it has been posted on our website. I apologize for the late reply. Unfortunately, I was out of town and I am the only one within our City government that knows how to run a website. I’ll get some other people trained so we don’t run into this again.

    @Rachael, again, I’m sorry for my late reply. For future reference, I went to the CDC’s website and found their official recommendations/instructions on what to do when in a Boil Advisory. I copied it to our City website and you can find them here:

    -Mayor Israel Boekweg

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