As many of you know, Linda Morrill announced her upcoming retirement a few months back. She is retiring at the end of 2017. Linda has been our City Clerk for about 15 years now. Personally, I have worked with Linda over the last couple of years. I have traveled with her. I have attended conferences and dinners with her. I have worked with her on budgets and multiple City issues. I can confidently say that Linda is a main artery and integral part of our city. There have been countless times where the Council and myself have turned to Linda and relied on her vast municipal knowledge. I’m proud, and humbled, to have worked with Linda and I appreciate her immensely. I think I speak for the entire Council when I say she will be missed.

With Linda retiring, the City Clerk position becomes vacant. In preparing for Linda’s retirement, Adolfo and I went over resumes and interviewed multiple candidates over the last month. We asked a lot of questions and sought to find the best candidate for the City Clerk job. I didn’t take this decision lightly and I did a lot of pondering.

I’ve made my decision as Mayor and I will present Krystal Ray as my nomination for the City Clerk position to the City Council tomorrow. I found Krystal to be extremely professional and kind, while also understanding the importance of listening to our citizens and helping them in every way possible. Krystal also embraces the concept of learning quickly and utilizing all of her available resources to make sure citizens have what they need. She is eager to serve and shares the same vigor that I have in performing checks and balances; making sure all parties are held accountable (this is critical, in my opinion). I honestly believe Krystal Ray is the best person to accommodate our city as City Clerk.

The City Council is holding a special meeting tomorrow @ 6pm @ the Community Center. The Council must vote to either confirm or reject Krystal as our City Clerk. This is an important and vital step for our small town. Please come out to support Krystal and also to see a little bit of how our City processes work.

I hope I see a few familiar faces tomorrow.

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